Quote plugin for your Wordpress site or blog

Yes, it still works! The plugin page on wordpress.org carries a scary banner about the plugin not being maintained, but that's just because it hasn't needed anything changed. I host a number of sites that are either built on WP or include a WP blog, including at least four sites that use the plugin, so it is tested with the latest WordPress code within days of release.

The plugin works with any self-hosted Wordpress site. "Self-hosted" means that it's running on your own domain and server, not a free blog hosted on wordpress.com unless you've signed up for their VIP Program. (If you can afford that level of service, you probably have already had a custom quote function built in to your site!)

I haven't figured out how to tell wordpress.org this, but it has been tested on WordPress 4.1 without problems.

The plugin will work in any theme that is "widget-aware", which includes the majority of recent themes. To install the plugin:

1. Download the wp-random-quote.zip file to your computer.
The best place to get it is from the WordPress.org site: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-random-quote/
If for any reason you can't get it there, we have a copy here as well: wp-random-quote.zip

The latest tested version will always be at wordpress.org.

2. In the Dashboard, go to Plugins, select Add New and use the browse button to locate the zip file and tell Wordpress to install it.

3. Go to Plugins, select Installed Plugins and click on the "Activate" link.

4. In the Appearance section, select Widgets. You will have an array of widgets on the left, one of which will be "Random Quotes". On the right you will see a list of sidebars, footers, and other parts of your layout that can accept widgets. Simply drag the "Random Quotes" button into the area where you'd like it to appear. Enter a title that suits you (i.e. A Random Quote) and hit the save button. Voilá, you now have a random quote on your pages.


Why am I doing this? First, it's sort of fun. Second, it makes me look like a real serious site. But mainly, it's for the "SEO Juice" that will result from being part of your blog. The Author's name that's displayed is a link to our page featuring all of that author's quotes. When the search engines visit your pages they will notice this. Say the quote is from Ben Franklin, that reference on your blog will make it ever-so-slightly more likely that my page with Franklin's quotes will move closer to the top when someone searches for "Ben Franklin quotes". You get a nice feature on your blog, over time I'll get more traffic to my site. I'll make more money and devote more time to bringing you the best quotes, whether you're an e-mail subscriber, a Twitter follower, or just a frequent visitor to the site.

I have created a special page that supplies the random quotes. The plugin downloads a set of ten to rotate as your visitors move from page to page. Every hour the plugin will grab one new quote and delete the oldest, so the quote collection stays good and fresh. I like good long quotes myself, but they don't work too well in a blog sidebar so the selection is limited to quotes less than 150 characters long. I also have a setting in the main database for quotes that might not be welcome. (Yes, the database has some quotes with dirty words.) If you see such a quote, please drop me a note with enough of the text so I can tag it and keep it out of future selections.

If your current theme doesn't support Widgets, please drop me a line. I'm working on instructions that cover that for those who can't upgrade their theme to one that deals with widgets. I feel for you, my own long-neglected blog uses such a theme. If I know you're interested, I'll let you know when I have directions that I consider trustworthy.