William Tecumseh Sherman, 1820 - 1891

portrait of William Tecumseh Sherman
Engraving from portrait by Napoleon Sarony (1888)

Born: 8 February 1820, Lancaster, Ohio
Died: 14 February 1891, New York City

Sherman's father died in 1829 and "Cump" was fostered with Thomas Ewing, a family friend who was a senator from Ohio, and thus could give Sherman an appointment to West Point, where he graduated sixth in the class of 1840. After brief action against the Seminoles in Florida, he arrived at Yerba Buena two days before it became San Francisco, and was one of the surveyors of Sacramento, before leaving to become president of a bank. He accepted the position of first head of the school that later became Louisiana State University, but returned to Ohio when the Civil War started. He took part in a number of battles early in the war, somehow stirring rumors that he was crazy. After taking Atlanta, he led the infamous March to the Sea, designed to split the Confederacy in half and deprive the rebel army of as many resources as possible. Steel rails, pulled from their tracks and wrapped around trees, came to be known as Sherman's Neckties. He was a brilliant strategist; the British miliary historian Basil Liddell Hart ranked him among the half dozen most capable strategists in the history of warfare. He had no interest in politics, and according to his writing he hated war and pursued it aggressively so that it might be sooner ended.

Biography from Wikipedia and About North Georgia

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