Terence David John Pratchett, 1948 - 2015

portrait of Terry Pratchett
Drinking beer at Trinity College Dublin, photo by Patrick Theiner (13 December 2008)
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Born: 28 April 1948, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Died: 12 March 2015, Salisbury, England, UK

Pratchett described himself as a "non-descript student" but published a short story in the school magazine at age 13, at 15 it was printed commercially. He left school at 17 to write for the Bucks Free Press, but completed his A-Levels during time off. In 1968 he interviewed the director of a publishing company for the paper and happened to mention that he had a manuscript. The interviewee turned around and published The Carpet People in 1971, and Pratchett released the next two books five years apart. In 1980, a year after the Three Mile Island nuclear incident, he was hired to handle press for the Central Electricity Board which operated three nuclear reactors, after eight years he gave that up and started publishing two books a year, many based on "Discworld", the universe he first created in The Colour of Magic in 1983. He was diagnosed with posterior cortical atrophy, an aggressive form of Alzheimer's in late 2007. Pratchett campaigned to raise interest in dementia and was very public about the progress of his disease, particularly with his large on-line fanbase. Although he very publicly argued for the right to medically-assisted suicide, his death at home was natural.

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