Daniel Patrick "Pat" Moynihan, 1927 - 2003

portrait of Daniel Patrick Moynihan


Born: 16 March 1927, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Died: 26 March 2003, Washington City

The Moynihan family moved to New York City when he was six where he attended public and parochial schools, shined shoes, and graduated from high school in Harlem. He attended City College of New York for a year before enlisting in the Navy's V-12 officer training program at Tufts University where he graduated with a B.A. in 1944. He served in the Navy until 1947, then earned his M.A. and Ph.D., also at Tufts. Moynihan served two Democrat presidents (Kennedy and Johnson) and two Republicans (Nixon and Ford), was US ambassador to India and the United Nations, served four terms in the US Senate, and in between government positions taught at Harvard, MIT, and Wesleyan universities. He wrote or edited nineteen books, George F. Will quipped that this was "more books than most senators have read". He was a committed liberal who defied orthodox liberal doctrine, frequently challenging the position of his own party. His analysis of events was often well ahead of anyone else, and he had no hesitation to express it in phrases worth quoting. I'm not completely convinced that there are no honest, intelligent, and decent politicians, but the number is small, and Moynihan was one of them.

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