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Department of State official portrait (27 January 2009)
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Born: 26 October 1947, Chicago, Illinois

Hugh Rodham operated a small successful textile business, he moved his family to suburban Park Ridge when Hillary was three. Hugh was conservative Republican, his wife Dorothy was a "closet Democrat". Hillary was a good student, active in sports, Brownies and Girl Scouts, student council, and the school paper at Maine East High School, district lines pushed her into Main South for her senior year (1965). She went to Wellesley College outside Boston, majoring in political science. She had campaigned for Goldwater in high school, and was president of the Young Republicans at Wellesley, but interest in the civil rights movement and opposition to the war in Viet Nam led her to resign; she campaigned for Gene McCarthy. She organized a two-day student strike to help black students push for more black faculty, was elected prediet of the student body, and was the first student to give the commencement address there, an address that criticized a Republican senator she had campaigned for and who had spoken before her at the ceremony. She went to Yale Law School where she started dating the bearded, long-haired Bill Clinton. She became an expert on the law related to children, working for Marian Wright Edelman's Children's Defense Fund. She failed to pass the District of Columbia bar exam, but passed the Arkansas bar and taught at the University of Arkansas and Fayetteville, where Bill was also on Faculty, but still declined his proposals of marriage. In 1975, he bought a house in Little Rock and she finally accepted, she then joined the Rose Law Firm and mostly dealt with intellectual property law. She was first lady of Arkansas for twelve years, then campaigned in Bill's 1992 presidential campaign. She was probably the first lady that was most active in terms of influencing policy, with the possible exception of Eleanor Roosevelt, who Clinton says she had imaginary conversations with to help her make decisions, and was often attacked by conservatives. Near the end of Bill's second term, New York senator Daniel Moynihan announced his retirement, the Clintons bought a house in Chappaqua, New York, and Hillary decisively won the seat, and reelection in 2006. She launched her own campaign for president in 2007 and was seen as the front runner up to the start of the primaries, by Super Tuesday (5 February 2008) it was clear that Barack Obama was the winner. She stopped attacking Obama but stayed in the race until conceding on 7 June. Within days of Obama's election he contacted Clinton about serving as Secretary of State, she was confirmed by the senate and sworn in the day after the inauguration, and is currently serving in that position.

Biography from Wikipedia and FemBio

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