portrait of Euripides
Roman marble copy of a Greek original ca. 220 BC (Museo Pio-Clementino, Rome)

Born: 23 September 480 BC, Salamís (now in Greece)
Died: 406 BC, Macedonia

Euripides' date of birth may be more legend than fact, it was the date of one of the greatest naval battle of the Persian War. Little is known of his life beyond the 92 plays which survive. He was married twice, but no children are mentioned in any accounts. He was a small man who appreciated seclusion, writing most of his plays in a large cave on the island of his birth. A cave on Salamís with ten chambers was found in the 1990s that is purported to have been his workplace. He became skeptical of the pagan religion of Athens and his liberal thinking put him at odds with the state. Most of his friends had been arrested by the time King Archelaus of Macedonia invited him to move there. His cause of death is not definitively known, it's possible he simple didn't survive the cold winters, but one account says that he accidentally encountered the king's hunting dogs and was torn to pieces. He was the youngest of the three great tragic dramatists of Greece, along with Aeschylus and Sophocles. Although the least popular of the three during his lifetime, he was very well thought of in the years following his death and he was influential in Roman times and with the French Classicists.

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