Douglas Noel Adams, 1952 - 2001

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Born: 11 March 1952, Cambridge, East Anglia, England, UK
Died: 11 May 2001, Santa Barbara, California

Adams' parents divorced when he was five and he moved to Brentwood with his mother, graduating from Brentwood School in 1970. An essay on the revival of religious poetry earned him the chance to return to Cambridge to study English, he earned both bachelors and masters degrees there and was active in CULES, the Cambridge University Light Entertainment Society, and Footlights. He hitch-hiked extensively in Europe during summers. He was involved in several projects with Graham Chapman (of Monty Python fame), including one episode of Monty Python (he also appeared on the show twice), served as script editor for Doctor Who, but had to take other work to support himself, such as chicken-shed cleaner and bodyguard for a wealthy Qatari family. In 1977 he pitched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to BBC Radio 4, they bought three sets of shows, followed by a television adaptation based on the first six radio scripts. Despite having great difficulty writing (he was locked in a hotel room for three weeks to make sure he finished So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish), he developed the concept into the "increasingly misnamed trilogy" that spanned five volumes. He was involved in trying to get the story made into a movie for the rest of his life. He wrote two books based on the "holistic" detective Dirk Gently, the first of which was written between two major trips he took with Mark Carwardine. The two created a radio series and non-fiction book Last Chance to See dealing with threatened species. In 1999 Adams and his family moved to Santa Barbara, California, partially in hopes of finally putting together a move version of HHGG. He regularly worked out at a gym at Montecito, California, he suffered a myocardial infarction during a rest period. Narrowing of his coronary arteries had not been diagnosed prior to the fatal event.

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