David Herbert Richards Lawrence, 1885 - 1930

portrait of D. H. Lawrence
(Circa 1913)
D. H. Lawrence signature

Born: 11 September 1885, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
Died: 2 March 1930, Vence, France

The prolific, and sometimes scandalous, poet and novelist was raised at Eastwood and Nottingham, then worked as a school teacher. After gaining his full teaching credentials he moved to London in 1908 and soon found a publisher for his work. In 1912 he met Frieda Weekley, while living with her in Germany he was accused of being an English spy. The couple moved to Italy and by the outbreak of World War I she had secured a divorce, they had returned to England, and married. In Cornwall Lawrence was accused of signaling German submarines from their home and in 1915 The Rainbow was suppressed for alleged obscenity, his first official issue with censorship. When war ended, Lawrence continued to publish but the couple returned to the Continent, spent most of a year getting to the US by way of Australia and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), making only two brief visits to England during the rest of his life. Lawrence was plagued by ill health throughout his life, suffering severe cases of pneumonia and influenza followed by extensive recoveries, contracted malaria and tuberculosis in 1925, succumbing to TB at age 44. Of his many works, he is probably best known for Lady Chatterley's Lover which he wrote in 1928 but was immediately banned and was not legally published until 1959 in the US and 1960 in the UK, although private copies were widely circulated.

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