Charles Augustus Lindbergh, 1902 - 1974

portrait of Charles Lindbergh
Standing with Spirit of St. Louis, 31 May 1927
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Born: 4 February 1902, Detroit, Michigan
Died: 26 August 1974, Kipahulu, Maui, Hawaii

Lindbergh grew up on a Minnesota farm near Little Falls, he graduated from Little Falls High School but had attended more than a dozen other schools in California and the Washington City area. He enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, but left to enter a flying school operated by the Nebraska Aircraft Corporation. He first flew in 1922, nine days after getting to flight school, went to work for a barnstormer performing as a wing walker, and bought his own first plane in 1923. He barnstormed himself, delivered the mail, and took a commission in the Reserves, which got him additional training. Like many others, including four who had died trying, he was challenged by the Orteig Prize: $25,000 to the first pilot to fly from Long Island, New York to Paris. He raised money from Saint Louis businesses and commissioned "The Spirit of Saint Louis" from the Ryan Airlines Company of San Diego. Before the flight, newspapers called him "the flying fool." When he returned he was known as "Lucky Lindy" and the "Lone Eagle." The flight had taken 33 and a half hours, his big problems were getting the plane, overloaded with fuel, off the ground and then staying awake through the night.

He married Anne Morrow, the first woman he ever dated, in 1929. Their first child, Charles Jr, was kidnaped in March of 1932 and later found dead. The kidnapping was widely called the "Crime of the Century" and led immediately to passage of the Lindbergh Law making kidnapping a federal offense in most cases. Public attention and fear for their subsequent children led the Lindbergh's to more to Europe. After his sister-in-law died of a heart condition he worked with a French surgeon on techniques for heart surgery and developed a perfusion pump which made early heart surgeries possible. Visiting German aviation facilities on behalf of the American government he was taken in my Hermann Göring and gave the US information dramatically inflating Germany's are power. He wrote to the British government warning them against taking military action against Hitler and advising them to strengthen their air defenses, he hoped to divert the Germans to the East. When Germany invaded Poland, Lindbergh resigned his commission in the US Army Air Corps to campaign for the America First Committee, during which he made a number of remarks that seem clearly anti-Semitic and racist. His involvement in the Pacific Theater was as a civilian consultant, Franklin Roosevelt, upset with his attacks on government policies vis-a-vis Germany, was unwilling to reinstate his commission. During and after the war Lindbergh was generally not well regarded by the public but his 1953 book The Spirit of St. Louis was a success, winning the 1954 Pulitzer Prize, and the improved atmosphere led to Dwight Eisenhower reinstating him in the Army Air Corps with the rank of Brigadier General. Despite his long marriage and five living children, from 1957 until his death he maintained covert relationships with three German women, fathering seven children. In the 1960 Lindbergh became a strong and outspoken environmentalist. His last years were spent on Maui, where he died of lymphoma.

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