Daniel Webster

Webster is an example of something I dread, an author who had many quotes in the database before I started saving source information. The orator was featured in today’s quotes (18 January 2016), last night as I was preparing for the issue I had 52 quotes from him, only four or five had sources. Using a combination of Wikiquotes and Project Gutenberg material, I collected three dozen items, about a dozen of which allowed me to add sources to current entries, the rest were new. Then I went digging for the rest.

Ouch! Two quotes (Other sins only speak, … and There is not in nature …) turned out to be from a play, The Duchess of Malfi, staged in 1613 by John Webster.

I couldn’t find a primary source for one (How little do they see …) but many late 19th-century collections agree it was from Robert Southey.

Another (I mistrust the judgment …) was from Arthur Wellesley while he was in India; before he was made Duke of Wellington.

Another (Every man’s life, …) is still listed among Webster’s entries because I don’t have an author entry to match yet. Apparently this one came from a New York probate judge named Gideon J. Tucker, who may be added to the database soon.

Two others ( and Keep cool; anger is not an argument.) turned up no sources, and I flatly don’t believe them. They aren’t going to last long.

I now have six unsourced quotes among the 81 entries for Webster, three of which I hope to find sources for sometime. The 75 I trust represent real progress, don’t use the others in a term paper without research, and if you do, please share the source info with me!

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