Quotes of the Day - Notable Quotables

Many people have been quoted over the years, we have quotes from 8,318 authors and speakers in the collection. Some of those only have had one or two things that merit inclusions, some appear to have had no impact on the world other than making a couple of pithy remarks. (Yes, I've dug deep looking for several.) The 488 authors on this page are those who have left a significant legacy of quotes and for whom I was able to learn enough biographical detail to profile them.

Authors are listed alphabetically by surname, ignoring directional prefixes (a, da, de, from, la, of, von, etc.).

As of 10 August 2010, with the addition of Norman R. Augustine, we finally hit 300 entries.

As of 11 June 2010, with the addition of Ben Jonson, we finally hit 250 entries.

As of 10 May 2010 we have just over 220 entries, the 25 per month rate alluded to a year ago did not, apparently, materialize. But the list does continue to grow.

As of 30 August 2009, we have 100 entries here. This section first saw the light of day on 18 April 2009, and the additional information needed to put up these pages is a manual process. As I research additional authors, mostly in the course of compiling the daily mailing, I'll be adding to the list. Apparently, the rate will be about 25 per month.

In the meantime, if you think of someone that is well represented in our collection (at least a dozen quotes) that you think belongs here, don't hesitate to nominate them for expedited treatment. You can get notifications of additions by following thequotemaster on Twitter profile

Images on the pages lean heavily toward the Wikimedia Commons, simply because they have amassed a great number of public domain images and documented the copyright status thereof. Most authors will show links to the Wikipedia biography, a second source will be included if I come across something suitable. The quality of these profiles will increase as I revisit them over time, tempered by visitor feedback.