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Quotes of the Day for 13 September 2012 – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Marie was born at Zdislavice in Moravia, then part of the Austrian Empire, to Count Dubsky on this day in 1830. Her mother soon died but her two step-mothers took great care in her education. In 1848 she married Captain Moritz von Ebner-Eschenbach, a prolific military engineer. Marie devoted herself to literature and wrote nearly thirty novels, she was one of the most important authors of her era in German. For our purposes it is most significant that she published Aphorismen (Aphorisms) in 1880 and several later editions, including one you've probably quoted without knowing the source. Despite her lack of formal education, the University of Vienna made her a doctor of philosophy on her seventieth birthday. These gems seemed to be a good counterpoint to yesterday's barbs.

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The quotes:

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

In youth we learn; in age we understand.

Nobody knows enough, but many know too much.

To be satisfied with little is hard, to be satisfied with a lot, impossible.

A poor, charitable person can sometimes feel rich, a miserly Croesus never.

However much you paid for a beautiful illusion, you got a bargain.

The insignificant labor, the great create.

Nowadays people are born to find fault. When they look at Achilles, they see only his heel.
     All from Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, 1830 - 1916

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