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Quotes of the Day for 6 January 2011 – Tommy Dewar

Thomas Robert Dewar was born at Perth, Scotland on this day in 1846. His father had founded John Dewar & Sons, Ltd., while John Junior managed the distillery "Tommy" traveled the world promoting the family's Scotch. Back in England he ran for several offices, holding a seat in Parliament from 1900 to 1906 and was created first Baron Dewar in 1919, a title that died with him as he never married. He created epigrams based on "Dewarism", his own philosophy, and shared them in the company's advertising.

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The quotes:

Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses.

A philosopher is a man who can look at an empty glass with a smile.

A teetotaller is one who suffers from thirst instead of enjoying it.

Fish stimulates the brain, but fishing stimulates the imagination.

If you get to the top on your own, who'll take the picture?

Never invest in a going concern until you know which way it is going.

The road to success is filled with women pushing their husbands along.

We have a great regard for old age when it is bottled.
     All from Thomas Robert Dewar, 1864 - 1930

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