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Quotes of the Day for 21 August 2004 – Debate

The famous Lincoln - Douglas debates opened at Ottawa, Illinois on this day in 1858. The incumbent Stephen Douglas defeated Abraham Lincoln in the Illinois senatorial contest, but it was Lincoln's first step into the national attention. Here are some quotes on debate.

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The quotes:

Whenever science makes a discovery, the devil grabs it while the angels are debating the best way to use it.
     - Alan Valentine

Nothing ever gets settled in this town ... a seething debating society in which the debate never stops, in which people never give up, including me. And so that's the atmosphere in which you administer.
     - George Pratt Shultz

Information, usually seen as the precondition of debate, is better understood as its by-product.
     - Christopher Lasch

Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.
     - Hubert H. Humphrey, 1911 - 1978

After last night's debate, the reputation of Messieurs Lincoln and Douglas is secure.
     - Edward R. Murrow, 26 September 1960

I wish I could give you a lot of advice, based on my experience of winning political debates. But I don't have that experience. My only experience is at losing them.
     - Richard M. Nixon

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