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Quotes of the Day for 30 June 2004 – Voting

On this day in 1971 the 26th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified when the Ohio legislature approved it, lowering the legal age of voting from 21 to 18. This was a fairly big deal for me, as I was 18 at the time and I thus had the opportunity to vote for my first of many losing presidential candidates the following year. Here is a selection of quotes on Voting.

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The quotes:

Ask a man which way he is going to vote, and he will probably tell you. Ask him, however, why, and vagueness is all.
     - Bernard Levin

Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.
     - George Jean Nathan, 1882 - 1958

I hope that no American ... will waste his franchise and throw away his vote by voting either for me or against me solely on account of my religious affiliation. It is not relevant.
     - John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1917 - 1963

We'd all like t' vote fer th' best man, but he's never a candidate.
     - Kin (Frank McKinney) Hubbard, 1868 - 1930

American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver's license age than at voting age.
     - Marshall McLuhan, 1911 - 1980

I never vote for anyone; I always vote against.
     - W. C. Fields, 1880 - 1946

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