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Quotes of the Day for 15 June 2004 – Voice

Today's birthday list includes three men known for their voices. The silver-tongued Mario Cuomo was born at New York City on this day in 1932. Country music great Waylon Jennings was born at Littlefield, Texas five years later. And rocker Harry Nilsson was born at Brooklyn, New York on this day in 1951. Seeing the three of them listed today suggested the theme, even if their voices were completely different.

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The quotes:

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with the shades of deeper meaning.
     - Bertha Flowers

Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere. But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment. And you can see forever.
     - Nancy Kerrigan

A man who wishes to impose his opinions on others is unsure of their value. He has to uphold them by all possible means. He adopts a special tone of voice, thumps the table, smiles on some and browbeats others. In short, he borrows from his body the wherewithal to bolster up his mind.
     - Paul Ambroise Valery, 1871 - 1945

Live in the active voice, rather than in the passive. Think more about what you make happen than what is happening to you.
     - William De Witt Hyde

But the Lord was not in the wind:
  and after the wind an earthquake;
  but the Lord was not in the earthquake:
And after the earthquake a fire
  but the Lord was not in the fire:
  and after the fire a still small voice.
     - I Kings 18:44

Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice.
     - William Shakespeare, 1564 - 1616

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