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Quotes of the Day for 27 April 2004 – Names

Hiram Ulysses Grant was born at Point Pleasant, Ohio on this day in 1822. His mother called him "Lys", antagonists in the school yard called him "Useless". When his Congressman nominated him to West Point, the politician couldn't remember the full name, but remembering young Grant's mother's maiden name, he entered a completely new name on the enrollment forms: Ulysses Simpson Grant. Classmates called him "Uncle Sam", then just "Sam". Ulysses decided that U. S. Grant was a good name for a U. S. Army officer, so he never corrected the error. That's quite a few names for one person, thus today's theme.

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The quotes:

Our names are labels, plainly printed on the bottled essence of our past behavior.
     - Logan Pearsall Smith, 1865 - 1946

A man that should call everything by its right name, would hardly pass the streets without being knocked down as a common enemy.
     - George Savile, Marquess of Halifax, 1633 - 1695

We feel in one world, we think and name in another. Between the two we can set up a system of references, but we cannot fill the gap.
     - Marcel Proust, 1871 - 1922

A good name is better than riches.
     - Miguel de Cervantes, 1547 - 1616

In the very books in which philosophers bid us scorn fame, they inscribe their names.
     - Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 - 43 BC

When the voter speaks, I listen, especially when the voter is saying someone else's name.
     - Philip L. Gramm

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