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Quotes of the Day for 31 March 2004 – Returning Home

One of our readers is just returning home to New York after seven months studying in Israel. As with any great trip, he's learned and grown and now is eager to be Returning Home.

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The quotes:

What is the most precious, the most exciting smell awaiting you in the house when you return to it after a dozen years or so? The smell of roses, you think? No, mouldering books.
     - Andre Sinyavsky

We have all got our 'good old days' tucked away inside our hearts, and we return to them in dreams like cats to favorite armchairs.
     - Brian Carter

The perfect journey is circular - the joy of departure and the joy of return.
     - Dino Basili

If you are as happy, my dear sir, on entering this house as I am in leaving it and returning home, you are the happiest man in this country.
     - James Buchanan, to Abraham Lincoln

Happy the man who, like Ulysses, has made a fine voyage, or has won the Golden Fleece, and then returns, experienced and knowledgeable, to spend the rest of his life among his family!
     - Joachim du Bellay

Now I shall return to my village and there will remain at the disposition of the nation.
     - Charles De Gaulle, 1899 - 1970

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