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Quotes of the Day for 17 February 2004 – Being Late

My life careens from crisis to crisis, and I'm always running late. I'm told this is not a good thing, generally. However, on this day in 1880 an explosion ripped through the royal dining room of the Winter Palace at Saint Petersburg, Russia, carefully timed to match the dinner hour of Tsar Alexander II and his family. The Tsar's guests were delayed, so he and his family were unharmed, although 67 members of the palace staff were killed or injured. Sometimes it's better to not be quite on time.

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The quotes:

I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them.
     - E. V. Lucas

Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do.
     - Jean-Paul Sartre, 1905 - 1980

The surest way to be late is to have plenty of time.
     - Leo Kennedy

It's better to be boldly decisive and risk being wrong than to agonize at length and be right too late.
     - Marilyn Moats Kennedy

A decision will be made before it's too late or soon thereafter.
     - Michael Eisner

The early bird who catches the worm works for someone who comes in late and owns the worm farm.
     - Travis McGee

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