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Quotes of the Day for 3 January 2004 – Victor Borge

Børge Rosenbaum was born at Copenhagen, Denmark on this day in 1909. His father, a violinist, hoped Borge would follow in his footsteps, but the boy preferred his mother's instrument, the piano, which he started playing by ear at age three. He had a full scholarship to the Royal Danish Music Conservatory at age nine, started playing professionally at thirteen. He started slipping madcap humor in between classical musical selections and became a hit by age 20. As war approached he added anti-Nazi jokes and was the top of Hitler's personal enemies list by age 30. He and his American wife got on the last passenger ship to leave Europe before the war. In New York he changed his name to Victor Borge and learned English from "B" movies. Rudee Vallee hired him to open on Vallee's radio show, then he moved on to work with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and had his own show starting in 1946. He was knighted in several countries, received Kennedy Center Honors, and had a rose variety named after him. Concerts scheduled through 2002 had to be canceled when the "Great Dane" died.

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The quotes:

Ah Mozart! He was happily married - but his wife wasn't.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

Santa Claus had the right idea. Visit people once a year.

When an opera star sings her head off, she usually improves her appearance.
     - All from Victor Borge, 1909 - 2000

They say it's never too late to learn to play the piano, but at 2 am, I really wish my roommate would quit and go to bed.
     - Nathan Hansar

The piano is a monster that screams when you touch its teeth.
     - Andrés Segovia, 1893 - 1987

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