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Quotes of the Day for 8 October 2003 – Frank Herbert

Frank Patrick Herbert was born at Tacoma, Washington on this day in 1920. He was a brilliant but restless child, following his curiosity and getting in the expected trouble as a result. He attended the University of Washington, but didn't graduate because he refused to take any course that didn't interest him, and several required courses failed to hold his interest. His early adult years were more of the same, holding many jobs briefly and forcing his wife to be the breadwinner much of the time until his monster success with Dune in 1965.

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The quotes:

Beyond a critical point within a finite space, freedom diminishes as numbers increase.... The human question is not how many can possibly survive within the system, but what kind of existence is possible for those who do survive.

Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit. This is the fine point on which all the legal professions of history have based their job security.

Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.

The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action.

Respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality.

What do you despise? By this are you truly known.
     - All from Frank Herbert, 1920 - 1986

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