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Quotes of the Day for 29 August 2003 – Schools

Our back-to-school theme continues with quotes on Schools.

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The quotes:

No greater nor more affectionate honor can be conferred on an American than to have a public school named after him.
     - Herbert Clark Hoover, 1874 - 1964

The shrewd guess, the fertile hypothesis, the courageous leap to a tentative conclusion - these are the most valuable coins of the thinker at work. But in most schools guessing is heavily penalized and is associated somehow with laziness.
     - Jerome Seymour Bruner

As we read the school reports on our children, we realize a sense of relief that can rise to delight that, thank Heaven, nobody is reporting in this fashion on us.
     - John Boynton Priestley, 1894 - 1984

High school is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of.
     - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr

We encounter the grinding wheels that sharpen our mental blades many places in life. Adversity, school, parents, spiritual guides, books, experience are all sharpening teachers. As we grow older, to stay sharp we must find new grindstones to whet and sharpen our potential and keep us at our brightest, most penetrating best.
     - Robert Kall

He who opens a school door, closes a prison.
     - Victor Hugo, 1802 - 1885

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