portrait of William Shakespeare
The "Chandos" portrait, possibly by John Taylor, circa 1610

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Quotes of the Day for 23 April 2003 – William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was probably born on this day in 1564. At that time babies were generally baptized on the third day, and the records show this took place on the 26th. He definitely died on this day in 1616. Shakespeare has had an important place in the hearts of quote collectors ever since John Bartlett published his original collection in 1855 and devoted a third of the book to the Bible or Shakespeare. I chose some of my shortest quotes from the bard of Avon, but more of them than usual.

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The quotes:

Everything that grows holds in perfection but a moment.

It is one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall.

Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds.

Out, damned spot! Out, I say!

Striving to be better, oft we mar what's well.

Suit the action to the word, word to action.

Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
     - All from William Shakespeare, 1564 - 1616

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