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Quotes of the Day for 9 March 2003 – Maps

Amerigo Vespucci was born at Fiorenze (Florence), Italy on this day in 1451. As a youth he read widely, collected and copied maps, and studied briefly under Michelangelo. He became an agent of the Medicis and was dispatched to Spain in 1492. While there he learned of ships and navigation, and made four voyages to the New World, exploring far more of the coast than Columbus, but his first voyage wasn't until 1499. Although he wasn't the first, he was the first to comprehend that this was not the Indies - Columbus died believing he had reached Asia. One German cartographer labeled South America as "America" in Vespucci's honor, and even when he changed his mind the name had stuck. In his honor, today's theme is Maps.

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The quotes:

The method of the enterprising is to plan with audacity, and execute with vigor; to sketch out a map of possibilities, and then to treat them as probabilities.
     - Christian Bovee

There is a great deal of unmapped country within us which would have to be taken into account in an explanation of our gusts and storms.
     - George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), 1819 - 1880

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.
     - Rita Mae Brown

A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth glancing at.
     - Oscar Wilde, 1854 - 1900

When I had mapped the pond ... I laid a rule on the map lengthwise, and then breadthwise, and found, to my surprise, that the line of greatest length intersected the line of greatest breadth exactly at the point of greatest depth.
     - Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854

If all the ways I have been along were marked on a map and joined up with a line, it might represent a minotaur.
     - Pablo Picasso, 1881 - 1973

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