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Quotes of the Day for 11 December 2002 – Color

Today's calendar didn't provide much inspiration at first glance. After coming back to it a few times, I did note that the Scottish physicist David Brewster was born on this day in 1781. He found time to invent the kaleidoscope. In 1863, Annie Jump Cannon was born, her career as an astronomical spectroscopist was spent deciphering the colors of the stars. In their honor, today's theme is Color.

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The quotes:

Rose-colored glasses are never made in bifocals. Nobody wants to read the small print in dreams.
     - Ann Landers

The greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette.
     - Henry S. Haskins

In saffron-colored mantle, from the tides of ocean rose the morning to bring light to gods and men.
     - Homer

America is not like a blanket - one piece of unbroken cloth, the same color, the same texture, the same size. America is more like a quilt - many patches, many pieces, many colors, many sizes, all woven and held together by a common thread.
     - Jesse Louis Jackson

Men in a state of nature, uncivilized nations, children, have a great fondness for colors in their utmost brightness, and especially for yellow-red.
     - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Theory of Colors

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.
     - John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

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