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Quotes of the Day for 8 November 2002 – Whiskey

There is an amusing, but readily debunked, claim that Bourbon Whiskey was first distilled on this day in 1789 by a Baptist preacher named Elijah Craig. More serious historians note that the product wasn't called Bourbon until 1821, that corn whiskey was made in Kentucky at least four years before Craig, and Craig left no record of the actual date for the start of his distilling career. But later bourbon drinkers liked the idea that their potent potable was developed by a preacher, and Elijah was quite the colorful character. He built a fulling mill (cloth), a paper mill, a river-shipping company, and definitely a distillery. Even before his mythical first batch, he had founded the school that became Kentucky's Georgetown College. Despite the feeble basis for the historical trivia, here are some quotes on whiskey.

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The quotes:

No animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness - or so good as drink.
     - G. K. Chesterton, 1874 - 1936

A man can take a little bourbon without getting drunk, but if you hold his mouth open and pour in a quart, he's going to get sick on it.
     - Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1908 - 1973

Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenaged boys.
     - P. J. O'Rourke

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than have to have a frontal lobotomy.
     - Tom Waits

The problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk, they're sober.
     - William Butler Yeats, 1865 - 1939

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