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Quotes of the Day for 10 May 2002 – Lightning

It was on this day in 1752 that Benjamin Franklin first tested the lightning rod, thus today's themes.

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The quotes:

Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the roar of its many waters.
     - Frederick Douglass

Thunder is good, thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work.
     - Mark Twain

Wit is the lightning of the mind, reason the sunshine, and reflection the moonlight.
     - Countess of Blessington

No loss of flood and lightning, no destruction of cities and temples by hostile forces of nature, has deprived man of so many noble lives and impulses as those which his intolerance has destroyed.
     - Helen Keller, 1880 - 1968

Tact is the ability to make a person see lightning without letting him feel the bolt.
     - Orlando A. Battista

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