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Quotes of the Day for 6 December 2001 – Knowledge

It was on this day in 1768 that the Encyclopaedia Britannica was first published. I remember way back to the mid 'sixties when my folks bought the magic set of 24 volumes. I would sit on the floor, sometimes for hours, with a growing pile of volumes open around me as I followed the "See also" references, looking up a name that was mentioned in one item, tracing down the fragments until I knew something. Maybe that's why I like the Internet so much! Here are some quotes suggested by that memory.

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The quotes:

Science is the knowledge of consequences, and dependence of one fact upon another.
     - Thomas Hobbes

Wonder rather than doubt is the root of knowledge.
     - Abraham Joshua Heschel

When the man who knows all about the fruit fly chromosomes finds himself sitting next to an authority on Beowulf ... there may be an uneasy silence.
     - Brand Blanshard

As we acquire more knowldege, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious.
     - Albert Schweitzer, 1875 - 1965

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
     - Benjamin Franklin

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