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Quotes of the Day for 18 April 2001 – Decision Making

By request of a younger reader, tearing his hair out over choosing a college, here is a selection of quotes on Decision Making.

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The quotes:

A jest often decides matters of importance more effectively and happily than seriousness.
     - Horace

Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight; indecision is a dull one that hacks and tears and leaves ragged edges behind it.
     - Gordon Graham

No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be....
     - Isaac Asimov

The man who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides. Accept life, and you must accept regret.
     - Henri-Frederic Amiel

We make our decisions, and then our decisions turn around and make us.
     - R. W. Boreham

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