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Quotes of the Day for 21 December 2000 – Music

Music is an important part of Christmas, no matter what language is spoken. I don't find any quotes on Christmas music, but these address the importance of song and melody in communicating that which can not be conveyed in words.

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The quotes:

One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture and, if it were possible, speak a few reasonable words.
     - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If music could be translated into human speech, it would no longer need to exist.
     - Ned Rorem

Music is a higher revelation than philosophy.
     - Ludwig van Beethoven

It seems to me that those songs that have been any good, I have nothing much to do with the writing of them. The words have just crawled down my sleeve and come out on the page.
     - Joan Baez

Learning music by reading is like making love by mail.
     - Pavarotti

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