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Quotes of the Day for 8 December 2000 – Teaching

A number of subscribers tell me they teach school, and use the day's quotes in the classroom. For them, and perhaps for the poor teachers that had to put up with me decades ago, here are some thoughts on the importance and art of teaching.

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The quotes:

A high-school teacher, after all, is a person deputized by the rest of us to explain to the young what sort of world they are living in, and to defend, if possible, the part their elders are playing in it.
     - Emile Capouya

A poor surgeon hurts one person at a time. A poor teacher hurts thirty.
     - Ernest Leroy Boyer, President, Carnegie Foundation

Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers.
     - Socrates

If kids come to us [teachers] from strong, healthy functioning families, it makes our job easier. If they do not come to us from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job more important.
     - Barbara Colorose

I'm never going to be a movie star. But then, in all probability, Liz Taylor is never going to teach first and second grade.
     - Mary J. Wilson, Elementary school teacher

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