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Quotes of the Day for 7 July 2000 – Money

Both John D. Rockefeller and his grandson Nelson were born today (in 1839 and 1908 respectively) so a Money theme presents itself nicely. (I just wish I had a little more for the weekend!)

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The quotes:

Money can be fickle, having a lasting relationship with a few and a brief fling with others, while just flirting with the rest of us.
     - Cullen Hightower

Money is like sea-water: The more we drink the thirstier we become; and the same is true of fame.
     - Schopenhauer

Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail.
     - Anonymous

The man who does not work for the love of work but only for money is not likely to make money nor find much fun in life.
     - Charles Schwab

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