There are 2 options when it comes to advertising with us. The first one is advertising in our daily quotation opt-in mailing with about 12,000 daily subscribers. The second is by using a banner on this website. Please look below and select which method you're interested in.

 Our current newsletter ad rates are well below $3 per thousand subscribers. 
what you get and for how much
a one day 8 line ad $21 dollars
five times in two weeks $60 dollars (huge deal!)
custom advertising deal

Approximately 15% of our subscribers get the plain text edition, in which an add is up to eight lines of text, each 65 characters long. The majority of the subscribers get the HTML version. In this edition your ad can be either a standard banner or a text ad with HTML enhancements, including thumbnail images. We're glad to help with preparing either version.

Our current banner rates for the entire site.
what you get and for how much
1,000 ad views (468x60 banner) $4
1,000 ad views (combo) $3
custom advertising deal

All banners currently put in general rotation. In other words, all banners are rotated throughout the entire site. If your banner will be used in the mailing list, you are eligible for the "Combo" rate for running it on the website at the same time.

Please fill out this short form for us to better serve your advertising needs.


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Nothing you submit is final. This is just for us to get an idea of what you want. We will contact you within 2 days.

* k=1,000


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