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Also see About the Quotes, which covers a lot of details about themes, selections, and formatting.

the site

Hopefully, at least, you know this site is mainly about quotations. That's what it was founded on, and that's what its future basis will be as well.

We also provide two versions of daily quotations to you via e-mail - free of charge! Each day we pick a theme and a half dozen quotes to go along with it, available both in HTML format and in plain text. There is also the "Inspirational" version, cleverly known as the iQuote, for those in a real hurry: single quotation with no introductory blurb. The iQuote was developed as an option for those unsubscribing to the main version, but it turns out that a lot of readers wanted both. Click the subscribe button on the left for more info on that.

There are also some other features that previous management set up, or started to setup, that may make their way back into the mix soon.

the past

Around September of 1998, Brian Guerra set out to gather quotations to create a website, and to find all the free stuff he could pertaining to his vision of the site. After a month or so of being an AOL hosted site, Ryan Sim, founder of StormWeb, asked if Brian wanted to venture out with him. Ecstatic that he'd be on a real server, he gladly obliged. Ryan enhanced the site with numerous scripted features, and added a majordomo mailing list. Finally, Mike Mason was contracted to create the current appearance of the site. Although the current owner is a professional website developer himself, Mike's design still looked great almost ten years later and his current rich-media sites are wonderful: Mike Mason Design.

In June of 2000, after the daily mailings had temporarily lapsed, G. Armour Van Horn took over from Brian and upgraded a number of things, starting with creating a new set of custom scripts for managing the assembly of the quotes, formatting them, and sending them out into the world. This was truly an international undertaking, the formatting automation was provided by the late Seumas McNally of Canada, the database work was done by Matia Grabnar of Slovenia, and the mail scripting was done by Bruce Hoult of New Zealand! The daily quote mailing became a quotes mailing, with four or five quotes on a theme instead of a single random quote. A month later Van designed an HTML version as an option. Two full years later he finally realized that it was silly to pay for hosting on StormWeb when he owned several other servers, moving the actual site from Sarnia, Ontario to Whidbey Island, northwest of Seattle. (Please note that this was a financial decision, Stormweb's service was excellent.)

After Van took over and started meticulously cleaning up the actual list of addresses, the subscription total was something around 4,000. Unfortunately, Van didn't have time or expertise to resolve all the back-side issues on the website. In fact, with his attention on the mailing list he was only vaguely aware that there were any.

the present

In March of 2009, a new server was built and moved to a new facility, still on Whidbey Island. Van's skills at webcrafting having increased by at least an order of magnitude, the current effort is to replace all the turn-of-the-century HTML code, rife with clunky javascript and HTML tables, and replace it with a clean CSS structure compliant with current web standards. (Again note: the Mike Mason design is still used.)

Shortly after the server migration, the entire archive of back issues was added to the database and is now available. The quotation search function has been debugged and enhanced, and riding on a combination of the upgraded search and some database backend upgrades, a Notable Authors section has been introduced.

Site traffic is growing rapidly based on the new content, almost immediately replacing a dramatic level of page access by robot that looked nice in the stats but wasn't actually being seen by anyone.

the future

On the immediate horizon is a new mailing system. Bruce's scripts have served us well, but it's time for something even more automated, and such things exist now. We want to be the number one quotation website out there. We realize how hard this is, but we're willing to do what it takes. Want to help us? Then, help us! (That page is probably in bad shape right now, we'll be working on that as well.) If you don't want to help us, then at least read about the brains of this operation.

the brains

There are four men behind this site. They are Brian Guerra, Ryan Sim, Mike Mason, and G. Armour Van Horn. Brian Guerra was the original founder of this site, and provided all the original content. Ryan Sim was more of the technical guy. He owned the first real server, and did all the original programming and server-related development. Mike Mason did a dramatic overhaul of the site graphics, notable for remaining appealing almost ten years laster. "Van" Van Horn took the site over in June of 2000, and hopes to continue to come up with more innovative ideas to make the site better and to make your experience more pleasurable. If you have a suggestion, tell us.